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Doctor discovers 100 bubble tea pearls in girl’s abdomen during CT scan: report

Most things are better in moderation — and that apparently includes bubble tea. A 14-year-old girl from the Zhejiang province in China was reportedly hospitalized in late May after she suffered from constipation for five days, Asia One reported. The culprit: tapioca “pearls” often found at the bottom of the popular drink. FLORIDA WILDLIFE OFFICER… Read More »

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Why you should see your doctor in the morning

Edward Hoffer, MD | Physician | May 25, 2019 A recent New York Times piece had the catchy title, “Don’t visit your doctor in the afternoon.” It was prompted by a study published in JAMA Network Open that had the much less catchy title “Association of Primary Care Clinic Appointment Time with Clinician Ordering and… Read More »

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