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Doctor discovers 100 bubble tea pearls in girl’s abdomen during CT scan: report

Most things are better in moderation — and that apparently includes bubble tea. A 14-year-old girl from the Zhejiang province in China was reportedly hospitalized in late May after she suffered from constipation for five days, Asia One reported. The culprit: tapioca “pearls” often found at the bottom of the popular drink. FLORIDA WILDLIFE OFFICER… Read More »

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Medical News Today: What to know about rib pain during pregnancy

Women can often experience a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy. One common complaint is rib pain, which has several possible causes that vary by trimester. In most cases, the cause of rib pain is harmless. The growing fetus often causes aches and pains around the ribs due to their position in the womb.… Read More »

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World Masturbation Day 2019: Reasons Why You Should Show Some Self-Love During Your Menstrual Period Cycle (Watch Video)

Masturbation during menstruation (Photo Credits: Unsplash and File photo) A day dedicated to the world’s favourite pleasure pass time- Masturbation! National Masturbation Day, aka International Masturbation Day, is celebrated on May 28 every year for all the right reasons you can imagine! Masturbation day or “Wankers Day” as it is called in Britain and Australia… Read More »

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