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CA Blues plan expands use of Heal’s home visits, telehealth

Blue Shield of California is partnering with a company that is making use of telehealth services to enable follow-up care for home care visits by physicians. The Blues plan has worked since 2016 with Heal, a California-based company that provides on-call, in-home doctor visits that patients order through an app. Beginning this summer, Heal expanded… Read More »

How to grow vanilla beans at home

Orchids are one of the largest families of flowering plants, and vanilla is the only orchid plant that produces an edible fruit.1 In 2005, a provisional checklist of the size of the orchid family suggested there are more than 24,500 known species.2 According to the American Orchid Society3 there are over 50 species of the… Read More »

Factors That Ensure Compliance with Care Home Policies and Procedures By Albert Cook

   Policies and procedures in a care home are essential in providing clarity when dealing with activities and issues that are significant to a regulatory requirement, safety, health and of course legal liabilities. The main objective of healthcare policies and procedures is to provide consistency in daily activities. Policies and procedures compliance vary from one… Read More »