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Beauty blogger who woke up with a headache finds out she has weeks left to live – New York Post

A mom of four who went to the doctor’s after waking up with a “splitting” headache was devastated to learn she has just weeks left to live. Samantha Last, 49, a popular beauty blogger from Norfolk, England, woke at 2 a.m. with a migraine last Tuesday and hours later was diagnosed with a rare type… Read More »

Dana-Farber live on oncology research platform

In 2018, Philips Healthcare joined with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to incorporate the institute’s clinical pathways in the Philips IntelliSpace Oncology Platform. A little more than a year later, the platform is live and aiding the expertise of more than 300 oncologists, scientists, pharmacists and informatics professionals. The technology is expected to help oncologists… Read More »

9 Organs You Can Actually Live Without

Bladder Dream Master/shutterstock Patients with bladder cancer or, on rare occasion neurogenic bladder (when a problem with the nervous system affects bladder control), will need the organ removed—and the prostate and lymph nodes or uterus, ovaries and possibly part of the vagina along with it, says Georges-Pascal Haber, MD, PhD, urologist with Cleveland Clinic. Doctors… Read More »