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Teen Inventor Designs Noninvasive Allergy Screen Using Genetics and Machine Learning – Smithsonian

One of Ayush Alag’s earliest memories is of biting into a chocolate bar with cashew nuts and suddenly feeling his throat get itchy. For most of his childhood, the Santa Clara, California resident avoided eating anything with cashews and other nuts that caused irritation as best as he could. By his middle school years, he… Read More »

Northwestern Medicine piloting machine learning for heart disease

Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute at Northwestern Medicine announced this week that it has doing new artificial intelligence work in an effort to improve the efficacy and accuracy of its cardiac screening. Clinicians there are using a cardiac monitoring platform from Eko, studying how its AI-enabled digital stethoscopes can interpret heart sounds to help screen for heart… Read More »

4 keys to success with AI and machine learning

While artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionized other industries, they are still newer concepts in healthcare. AI is all around our daily lives now. Consider some of the personalized experiences we get from algorithms working behind the scenes in other areas; for example, “People You May Know,” and “You Might Also Like.” Many clinicians… Read More »