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Women’s Day Special: Online Coaching for E-commerce Course

With the technological advancement, the term E-commerce is getting popular among all over the world. Every individual is nowadays using online for various purposes like education purpose, to start and promote business, to purchase or sell goods/properties, to exchange/replace items, to settle all bills like (telephone, medical, shopping, household) for medication purposes, research activities etc.… Read More »

No. 1 word in online negative hospital reviews is 'told'

Dive Brief: “Told” is the single word most often associated with negative online hospital reviews, while “great” and “friendly” populate positive reviews, a new Penn Medicine study finds. The results underscore the need for providers to learn to communicate with patients through “caring language,” the authors say. They also point to the use of digital tools and data analytics to… Read More »

Can You Buy Steroids Online Legally In Nepal?

Nepal is the only country you can buy steroids over the counter. Their government doesn’t have any regulations on using steroids for bodybuilder, athletes and enthusiasts. You can even buy it just outside of their stadium. There are reports that senior athletes uses steroids to improve the way they look and improve their strengths, and… Read More »