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Scientists Wanted: Recruited by Juul, Many Researchers Say No

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Alex Carll was presenting his research about the impact of e-cigarette smoke on mouse hearts at an American Heart Association conference when a man from Juul Labs approached him and started asking questions. “He seemed genuinely concerned about the health implications of Juul,” said Dr. Carll, who recalled meeting the e-cigarette company’s… Read More »

HMS researchers design algorithm that ID’s DNA defects, making more cancers treatable

Medications known as PARP inhibitors have emerged as a promising therapy for several forms of cancer fueled by a defect in the cells’ DNA repair machinery. Yet many people with cancers caused by the defect, known as HR deficiency, who stand to benefit from PARP inhibitors remain unidentified because standard genetic panels used in the… Read More »

Medical News Today: Researchers explore ‘completely novel, nontoxic’ IBD treatment

Gastrointestinal problems — from diarrhea to issues caused by food allergies to inflammatory bowel disease — have one common characteristic. A new study suggests an innovative way of tackling it to both prevent and treat gastrointestinal conditions. New research may have opened up a promising avenue for IBD treatment and prevention strategies. Inflammatory bowel disease… Read More »