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Black premature babies face racial disparities in healthcare, study says

Adobe Stock Images Black preemies face higher chances that they will receive poor prenatal care than white, Asian-American and Hispanic babies, and this is partially due to the quality of their parents’ healthcare as well as segregation, according to a JAMA Pediatrics study released last week. The study looked at black newborn babies born prematurely… Read More »

How Being Poor Can Change Your Genes: Study Reveals Connection Between Poverty and Genetic Diseases

Poverty (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Poverty can leave a lasting imprint in our DNA, say scientists who have found that low socioeconomic status is linked to changes in over 1,500 genes. Previous research has shown that socioeconomic status (SES) is a powerful determinant of human health and disease, and social inequality is a ubiquitous stressor for human… Read More »