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This baby got measles because of anti-vaxers

That’s why she’s furious that her baby got measles. Too young to be vaccinated, 8-month-old Shira Goldschmidt developed complications from the virus and had to be hospitalized. Infectious disease experts say the cause is clear: anti-vaxers. Both in the United States and in Israel, where Sukenik lives, the ongoing measles outbreaks started with pockets of… Read More »

This Iowa man’s obituary is comedy gold

Please remember to tip your mortician! Tim Schrandt is now six-feet-under, but his obituary will live on — as material for stand-up comics everywhere. “The “crusty” codger from Iowa died last month after a short battle with cancer, but even that fight was fair game for family laughs, according to the Des Moines Register. “When… Read More »