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The Power Of Purpose: How Kinsa Is Tackling Illness in Real Time With Innovative Technology

Inder Singh, Founder of Kinsa Kinsa Kinsa is an innovative San Francisco-based start-up (backed by Kleiner Perkins, First Mark Capital and Founder Collective) creating a real-time health map by leveraging its smart thermometers to get a sense of where people are experiencing the flu (using anonymous data). Their “illness signal” beats the CDC on timing by weeks and… Read More »

Spending too much time sitting down kills 70,000 Brits each year

How spending too much time SITTING DOWN kills 70,000 people and costs the NHS £700million each year because it leads to heart disease, type two diabetes and cancer An estimated 30% of adults in England spend at least six hours a day sedentary Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University led the research Being… Read More »