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Nutrition: Even identical twins respond differently to food – Medical News Today

The largest ongoing study of its kind finds that people’s responses to food vary depending on a wide variety of factors. The findings suggest that the future of nutrition lies in personalized dietary advice. New research shows why doctors need to personalize nutritional advice. Despite repeated public awareness campaigns and official dietary recommendations, the obesity… Read More »

Medical News Today: What to know about cold-induced asthma

Asthma causes airway inflammation and difficulty breathing. Several factors, including exercise and cold weather, can trigger asthma symptoms. Inhaling cold, dry air can cause the airways to tighten, making it harder to breathe. Several treatments and preventive measures can help minimize the effects of cold air on a person with asthma. This article describes why… Read More »

Foods with similar nutrition content affect the gut differently – Medical News Today

Foods with similar nutrition labels can have very different effects on gut microbiomes, research finds. Foods that have similar nutritional information on their labels can affect the gut microbiome of different people in different ways. A recent study, the results of which feature in the journal Cell Host & Microbe, looked at participants’ diets and… Read More »